Refilling instead of decommissioning

Use of technical brushes supports companies' sustainability work.

Sustainable solution: Replace fill material and keep the body

As a manual and powered tool for surface and production technology, our technical brushes are proving themselves everywhere in industry and trade. In addition to their advantages in terms of application technology, they have one feature that is becoming increasingly important for many companies: they can be refurbished and reused several times. The use of technical brushes therefore supports companies in the practical realisation of the principles of sustainability and resource conservation more than almost any other tool concept.

In many of our mechanically driven roller brushes, the brush filament is located on a body - such as a rotating shaft. The filling material consists of wrapped strip brushes or double band spirals. As soon as their limits of wear are reached, these brush fillings can be removed and replaced with new ones. This is usually done as part of our customer service at our factory. However, if you have the appropriate technical equipment and experience, you can also do this yourself.

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