Circular, Single-Section and Pipeline Brushes

Circular, Single-Section and Pipeline Brushes
When circular brushes start to rotate, your production problems are solved. Whether you use them for derusting, cleaning, deburring or processing welded seams and removing hard scale and paint, they won't let you down.When there is a need to precisely process slim workpieces or profiled surfaces, single-section brushes come into their own. They are slim, aggressive and tough. The feasibility of joining several of these brushes together makes them particularly versatile.Pipeline brushes give outstanding service in the construction of oil, gas and water pipelines. They are used for cleaning up welded seams and were specially developed to deal with root-pass and fillet welds.

Single-Section Brushes

The whole energy of the treatment on a few milimeters. Single-section brushes from Kullen-Koti are ideal for that. Being narrow, aggressive, robust and most versatile, small work pieces can exactly be treated and profiled surfaces be cleaned, derusted and matted.

SH-Circular Brushes

When it comes to the highest possible density fill Kullen-Koti's SH-circular brushes are unbeatable. They are most versatile due to a multitude of fill material qualities and different bore diameters make them applicable in different working widths. They are especially suitable for roughening and deburring as well as to remove rust and paint.

Circular Brushes

The RECORD with crimped wire fill is suitable for deburring, cleaning, smoothing, polishing, dulling, paint stripping and roughing. The twist-knotted ULTRA for treatment of welding seams, descaling and removal of varnish.

Pipeline Brushes

Pipeline brushes are "most wanted" for welding preparations on oil-, gas- and water pipelines in construction. We especially produce single section pipeline brushes for operations at the fillet welds and roots of seams. If the wires are embedded in an elastic synthetic material they are extremely aggressive and durable.

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Kullen-Koti has been providing innovative solutions to customers and partners the world over for more than 100 years. Kullen-Koti offers exactly the right brush to address customer-specific industrial applications in every sector - through to individual one-off solutions. Kullen-Koti makes selecting and implementing better solutions faster, simpler and more reliable - backed by sound expertise and one of world's biggest product ranges.Brush technology from Kullen-Koti - for greater productivity, reliability and economy across wide-ranging processes, with highly efficient application solutions which are fit for the future.

TÜV ISO 9001 & 14001 certified

High standards through certification. As Europe's largest brush manufacturer, Kullen-Koti has again qualified for TÜV ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 certification and meets all its actual requirements. Our consistent investments in development and the logical implementation of improved quality systems to ISO 9001 and 14001 ensure that you will get a reliable, high quality product.