Brushing Solution for Pharma & cosmetics

Examples of applications in Pharmaceuticals & cosmetic industry are directing and guiding pills, inserting pills in drums, labelling medicine bottles and many more. If you need help solving your problem, please contact our sales team.

Antistatic and Ostrich-Feather-Brushes

We offer antistatic brushes with carbon fibre or stainless steel yarn. An independent test proved that Kullen-Koti antistatic brushes are the best among other things in conductivity and dimensional stability.

Lath Brushes

Due to their versatility lath brushes are indespensable in particular industries today.

Belt Brushes

We can produce flat-belt brushes in any length requested, open ended or endless. They are mainly equipped with natural hairs or bristles, plant fibres or synthetic bristles.

For this brush type we use standardised vee-belt profiles, made of polyester elastomers and immune to moisture, oil and grease as well as resistant to numerous chemicals. Therefore an application is possible in a temperature range from -15°C to +80°C.

Toothed belt brushes from KULLEN are a version of common belt brushes and therefore are appropriate for the same application purposes. However, they offer one advantage in the feeding technique which the others do not: they can be set to a measurable cycle time.

Roller Brushes with Metal Backing Tape

The STS-spiral roller brush range contains all measurements from small to extra large and this unbeatable selection of diameters makes this brush a totally reliable tool for light brushing tasks.

The Kullen-Koti roller brush type 350 is one of our "highlights" as it consists of a lightweight aluminium core with horizontal grooves where strip brushes are fitted in.

Strip roller brushes 302 are indeed unique and easy-to-handle: you only purchase the roller brush core once and easily refill it by yourself with the corresponding strip brushes after wear. And besides, it is a very economical brush system. The roller cores consist of mild steel or stainless steel (1.4301; 1.4541; 1.4571).