The company´s destiny becomes clear


The first washing plant for the German Railways was built and a patent was granted under No 1008769.


The Company founder Paul Kullen dies.


Production was concentrated on roller brushes - the first machine for dynamic balancing was installed.


On 19th September 1956 Heinz Kullen was torn from his plans and his work by a fatal car accident. On 5th November 1956 Frau Annelise Kullen nee Boldt took over the Company as personally liable shareholder.


Foundation of the Rotary Wire Brushes Kullen & Co. GmbH on 16th November. In the end of the year 1957 the second building was build, Lederstraße 86.


Ernst Friedrich was instated as Managing Director. The Company was granted a patent for their mobile train washing system under the No. 1113471.


Manufacturing of washing plants and machines is expanded. The branch factory in Honau is acquired on 1st May 1961.


Intensive work and effort has allowed a further expansion on both sites. At the end of 1962 the two Kullen companies employed 240 people.


Rotary wire wheel brush range set up. The development and construction of new production machinery supported this.
* First complete catalogue for wire wheels (around 12,000 types)
* Introduction of electronic data processing in the wire wheel factory Kullen GmbH & Co.
* Production and sales of brush dampeners for the paper industry
* First washing plants in France, pipe deburring machines and mobile bus washing machines.


Production and sales of the first Diesel Elektro-Lok cleaning plants. Cleaning machines for finishing sawn planks in saw mills.


Merger of Kullen & Co.KG with Rotary Wire Wheel Company Kullen GmbH to form Kullen GmbH & Co KG. The wire wheelsector represents an ever increasing part of the whole range. Production and marketing of a universal brushing machine for finishing metal and wood and a conveyor belt cleaning machine.


1.1.1970: Official merger between Kullen GmbH & Co KG and Mez & Co. founded in 1907. Forming of the sales unit Kullen & Mez under the direction of Managing Director Annelise Kullen, Dr. Helmut Kuhner and Ernst Friedrich.


Computerisation extended to all factories.