Dynamics for Development into the New Millennium


Participation in a total of 23 exhibitions of which 13 are abroad. The turnover and market share both at home and abroad progress further and this includes R.I.B, in Wales. Manufacturing innovation continues. The product range has now widened to round about 75.000 types. Strengthened marketing campaigns in all markets in 1987 in conjunction with new adverts are laying the foundations for progressive development in the coming years.


The premises formerly belonging to car dealer Max Moritz are rented to become Factory No. 2 for the production of car wash brushes. Acquisition of Kleeneze Sealtech Ltd. with round about 100 employees.


Departure of the Mez shareholders. The Kullen/Keim families are now sole shareholders again.


Acquisition of the land and buildings at Record Industrial Brushes in Llandovery/Wales, GB.


Product range has now grown to more than 100.000 different brush types.


Official opening of administration building at Kleeneze Sealtech Ltd.


Joint-venture with China - Bei Lun Rotary Wire Brushes Ltd. Total production space in all factories now approx. 30.000 sqm. Building of a logistics centre at the main site in Reutlingen with high-level stacking for raw and finished materials begins. Completion at end of 1998.


Through increased activity and the globalisation of production the turnover of the Kullen Group has doubled in the last decade with exports accounting for nearly 50% of the total. This level of expansion was only possible through heavy investment in production plant in all factories. The product range now includes over 130.000 variations of technical brushes.