It all started with production by hand


On the 27th of February 1913 the Württemberg Brush Company Epp and Kullen was founded by Paul Kullen and Wilhelm Epp from Pfullingen in Reutlingen. Production was started in a rented area in a house at 100a Lederstrasse. Production at first consisted of hand-drawn and pitch-set brooms and brushes for general cleaning as well as the occasional machinery brush for the textile and tanning industry in Reutlingen.


Construction of Offices, expansion of the factory and installation of a volume punched-knot machine. Production was mainly machinery brushes, brooms, hand brushes, fibre and wire wheels.


The Company name was changed to Württembergische Bürsten- und Pinselfabrik Kullen & Co. After Wilhelm Epp left in 1922, Frau Elise Kullen nee Gaupp stepped in as Managing Director.


The Company exhibited at the Leipzig Fair for the first time.


The firm established its first patent for a cutting, peeling, and preparation machine for the mill industry.


Expansion of the Company, specialisation in machinery brushes, industrial brushes and roller brushes mainly for the textile and paper industry. Increase in exports.


Start of Kullen Spiral brush production. The machines were specially developed by the Company and patented. Patent No. 585 665 dated 8.9.1931.


Heinz Kullen entered the Company as a further director.