By using different outer diameters the roller brush can be adapted to the outline of the workpiece surface which is to be dedusted.
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Fill material:
Automotive industry
  • dust collecting, dedusting
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Ostrich-Feather Brushes

Ostrich-Feather Brushes
The removal of dust and electrostatic charges - we lead the way. Rotary ostrich-feather roller brushes remove dust from workpiece surfaces in accordance with a simple and reliable principle - due to their intrinsic electrostatic charge, the feathers lift dust from the workpiece surface. Gently and thoroughly. The dust ionised in this way remains on the feathers until removed by a suitable dust extraction system. Ostrich-feather roller brushes of Kullen-Koti consist of circular brush segments with standardised wooden cores, assembled to the requested face width and especially formed brush diameter for the car bodies.