The brush cores are made of special reinforced polypropylene making them light, resistant to acids and alkalis and suitable for use in the food industry. The range of options is extensive. All in all we offer seven standard core diameters with three fill density variations each: low, medium, and high - making a total of twenty one standard cores to choose from. Almost all fill material qualities can be used.
To assemble a complete roller brush is remarkably quick an easy as it does not involve any complicated mechanical connections, simply slide the brush segments on to the brush shaft and secure them in position with two locking collars.
By standarding the sizes of our brush cores we are able to offer lower unit prices and faster delivery times. But the fact that our brush carrier sizes are standardised certainly does not mean that the choice we offer is limited.

If required the standard internal bore diameter of the brush segments and locking collars can easily be reduced by fitting adaptor bushes. In the ST-System all brush cores have a standard length of 100 mm measured in each case from the centre of the trapezoidal teeth and the end locking collars are 25 mm long.
Non-standard overall lengths can be achieved by shortening a brush core. This one can then be fixed directly to the shaft or secured with plain locking collars.
Fill material densities:
high fill density EA1, normal fill density EA2, low fill density EA3.

Fill configurations
In addition to a fill configuration in three densities, we also produce circular brushes with a spiral fill EB and linear fill ED1.


TypeKD (mm)d1 (mm)D min. (mm)D max. (mm)RowsEA1EA2EA3           
ST 2032 632204016012  ×DXFenquiry
ST 2032 832204016016 × DXFenquiry
ST 20321032204016020×  DXFenquiry
ST 2546 846255417516  ×DXFenquiry
ST 25461246255417524 × DXFenquiry
ST 25461646255417532×  DXFenquiry
ST 35581058356627520  ×DXFenquiry
ST 35581558356627530 × DXFenquiry
ST 35581858356627536×  DXFenquiry
ST 40661266407429024  ×DXFenquiry
ST 40661766407429034 × DXFenquiry
ST 4066266407429040×  DXFenquiry
ST 60861286609430524  ×DXFenquiry
ST 60862086609430540 × DXFenquiry
ST 60863086609430560×  DXFenquiry
ST 75102141027511032028  ×DXFenquiry
ST 75102181027511032036 × DXFenquiry
ST 75102221027511032044×  DXFenquiry
ST 1001271812710013534536  ×DXFenquiry
ST 1001272412710013534548 × DXFenquiry
ST 1001272812710013534556×  DXFenquiry

Automotive industry
  • oiling
Building material industry
  • oiling
  • cleaning of forms
  • cleaning of pressing boards
Wire industry
  • descaling
Printing industry
  • humidifying
  • cleaning of offset printing foils and plates
Earth-moving equipment ind.
  • stripping
Wood-working industry
  • dust collecting, dedusting
  • conveyor-belt cleaning
Beverage industry
  • transporting
Ceramics industry
  • plunger cleaning
Plastics processing
  • pressing on
  • dust collecting, dedusting
  • counterpressure roll
Rubber processing (vulcanized)
  • coating, bespreading
Machine industry
  • superimposing of a liquid
  • coating, bespreading
  • cleaning
Food industry
  • cleaning of baking trays
  • powdering
  • coating, bespreading
  • waxing
  • conveyor-belt cleaning
  • glazing
  • polishing
  • cleaning
  • peeling
  • sorting
  • transporting
  • spreading
Textile industry
  • cleaning of printing blankets
  • spreading
  • cleaning of cylinders
Packaging machines
  • directing
  • transporting
Metal working industry
  • oiling
Conveying machinery of all ind.
  • conveyor-belt cleaning
  • sanding
  • sprinkling
Energy industry
  • removing of dirt
  • cleaning
Printing industry
  • discharging
  • cleaning
  • cleaning of offset printing foils and plates
  • cleaning of pressing boards
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