Lath Brushes - Standard types

Lath Brushes - Standard types

For fitting the standard brush types 36 and 37 we can supply our holders (C-profiles) of zinc plated steel from stock, with which the brushes can easily be replaced after wear. If you cannot use the standard types, it is advisable to use the advantages of our lath brushes standard cores.
You can get the types listed in the table from stock.

Lath brushes - standard types

TypeMaterial numberTrim height (mm)Length (mm)Core materialNumber of rowsFill material           
364314.0095251400PVC brown20.18 PP blackDXFenquiry
364313.032033.51000PVC brown20.18 PP blackDXFenquiry
364313.0409451000PVC brown30.50 PA 6.12 whiteDXFenquiry
364313.032148.51000PVC brown20.18 PP blackDXFenquiry
364313.054848.51000PVC brown20.30 PP blackDXFenquiry
364313.031363.51000PVC brown20.18 PP blackDXFenquiry
364313.054968.51000PVC brown20.30 PP blackDXFenquiry
364313.031483.51000PVC brown20.30 PP blackDXFenquiry
364313.0315103.51000PVC brown20.30 PP blackDXFenquiry
364313.0322133.51000PVC brown20.30 PP blackDXFenquiry
374314.01488.02000PVC green30.20 PA 6 whiteDXFenquiry
374314.02628.02000PVC white30.30 PA 6 whiteDXFenquiry
54312.07005.0250PP white30.10 PA 6 blackDXFenquiry

Holders for lath brushes

TypeB 1 (mm)B 2 (mm)h (mm)Standard length (mm)           
H 3628.014.512.01000 / 2000DXFenquiry
H 3720.010.010.02000DXFenquiry
H 3838.022.018.02000DXFenquiry
H 3928.014.512.01000 / 2000DXFenquiry
Fill material:
Doors & windows industry
  • braking
  • sealing
  • noise reduction
  • matting
  • polishing
  • structuring
  • aesthetic refinement
Cleaning industry
  • washing
Pharma & cosmetics
  • braking
  • stripping
  • pressing on
  • picking up
Printing industry
  • pressing on
  • directing
Wood-working industry
  • grinding
Beverage industry
  • pressing on
Plastics processing
  • pressing on
  • directing
  • transporting
Machine industry
  • pressing on
Packaging machines
  • braking
  • pressing on
  • erecting
  • inserting
  • directing
  • turning-over
Metal working industry
  • support
  • noise reduction
Industry generally
  • stripping
  • pressing on
  • sealing
  • cleaning
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