Work Tool Brushes

Work Tool Brushes
Kullen-Koti offers work tool brushes for engineering and metalworking industry. Mostly used for industrial machining, driven by electric hand tools such as drilling machines or angle grinders, but also bench grinders, robots or machining centres are common drives.

Hand scratch brushes help to remove rust and paint and are also used for cleaning purposes. With wooden backs, they are available in a variety of widths. SSHB brushes have a narrower working width.

Kullen-Koti Cup brushes are adaptable, all-purpose products. Pencil-type and bevel brushes are the right choice for use in places which are difficult to get at, such as corners, edges and drill holes.

Interior and steam tube brushes deburr O-ring recesses and holes. Cleaning, smoothing, derusting and descaling are their specialities. Alphahon brushes improve the adherence of lubricant.

Circular brushes are used for surface treatments. Single-section brushes are used on slim and profiled workpieces. Pipeline brushes prove effective in the processing of welded seams.